The 15 Most Famous Alcohol Brands From Celebrities Including Jay-Z, Drake, Travis Scott, and More

You've probably heard Ace of Spades, Virginia Black, and Belaire name dropped in some of your favorite songs, but here's the stories behind these celebrity-owned (or endorsed) alcohol brands.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good drink? Whether it’s a bottle of expensive scotch or a cheap 12-pack of hard seltzer, good alcohol is one of few guilty pleasures that everyone enjoys. And you don’t have to be as rich as Diddy to crack open a fresh bottle of Cîroc. In the US alone, the liquor market pulled in as much as $35.8 billion in sales, a number that has only been growing for the past 12 years. So it makes sense that celebrities have ventured into the category, particularly those whose music is such a big part of nightlife and are able to advertise their brands on songs that permeate the clubs. So with their inherent reach, it makes perfect sense that celebrities are capitalizing on the alcohol market.

Hip-hop artists didn’t always have their own liquor brands to promote, hence why you would hear frequent mentions of Moët, Dom Pérignon, and Cristal on songs since the early 2000s. But a major shift happened when a former Cristal staffer spoke disparagingly about hip-hop embracing the brand in 2006. That led Jay-Z to call for a boycott of the company, and he went on to get involved in the liquor business himself, investing in Armand de Brignac (better known as Ace of Spades), which he sold 50 percent of to LVMH. He opened up a door for artists like ASAP Rocky, who recently unveiled his own whiskey brand, Mercer + Prince, earlier this year. 

Not all of the celebrities in this story own the brands they endorse, and some brands have been more successful than others, but they’ve all represented a particular moment and spoken to hip-hop’s ability to sell products and make brands relevant. Here, we outlined the 15 most famous celebrity alcohol brands.

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