Agricultural Product Analysis

Name of Laboratory  : Analisis Hasil Pertanian (AHP) or Agricultural Product Analysis

Kepala Laboratorium : Ir. Otik Nawansih, M.P.


Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis

  • Physical analysis includes analysis of viscosity, color, texture, fracture power, swelling power, dissolved solids, elasticity, and spreadability.
  • Chemical analysis includes analysis of water content, ash, fat, protein, reducing sugar, crude fiber, total sugar, vitamin C, total acid, anthocyanin, dissolved N, amylose, acid number, peroxide value, free fatty acids, mineral content (Ca , Na, K, and Li), total carotene, carrageenan, salt, Aw and pH.
  • Microbiological analysis included analysis of total plate count (TPC), total lactic acid bacteria (BAL), E.coli, Salmonella, S.aureus, and coliform.

Equipment owned by Unila AHP THP Laboratory:

  • Physical analysis in the form of: penetrometer, refractometer
  • Chemical analysis in the form of gas chromatography, uv-vis spectrophotometer, Aw-meter, centrifuge, pH-meter,  flatbed, perangkat elektroforesis, flame fotometer, tanur, kromamater, RH-meter, rotary evaporator, shaker waterbath, digestion unit, distillation unit, water distillation, viscotester, and vortex,
  • Microbiological analyzers such as incubators, autoclaves, colony counter, electronic microscope.